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Rick Parfitt had been a part of my story for fifty years. Without doubt the longest relationship of my life: this was also the most satisfying, frustrating, creative and fluid. From those early days, we worked together to create the Quo sound, look and hits. We spent years on the road, on the stage and in the studio, rarely far from each other, honing what we did.

and yet also two very different people, handling the pressures of growing older, constant touring, dealing with success and keeping the creative flame burning in different ways. He developed his own sound, his own style, casually inspiring a generation of players.

Rick was the archetypal rock star, one of the originals, he never lost his joy, his mischievous edge and his penchant for living life at high speed, high volume, high risk. His life was never boring, he was louder and faster and more carefree than the rest of us. There were any number of incidents along the way, times when he strayed into areas of true danger and yet still losing him now is still a shock. Even in a year that has claimed so many of our best, including now George Michael, Rick Parfitt stands out. I was not ready for this.



Rhino xx 

I first met the hurricane that was Rick Parfitt at a London recording studio in 1985. We hit it off straight away, and since then hardly a day has gone by without thinking about, talking to or seeing him. He made me cry so often, always with laughter, then last week for the first time, he made me cry with sadness. It’s surreal that there’s now an I in the middle of RP.

There are a few of us who knew the Reverend Rock Parfait well, and it was my privilege to be one of them.We wrote a song together in 2004 called This is me. I’m finding the lyrics very poignant at this time:

I opened up the paper, I was all across the page. With another Signorita, will I ever act my age?I alway hurt the people that care for me it’s true, but I can’t help myself, it’s just one of those things I do.

I ain’t no Casanova, not like it reads in the book.I’m just trying to find this love thing, though it’s taken a long hard look.

If you need your heart breaking you’ve come to the right place, be aware of the buyer beware sign written on my face.

This is me, this is me. What you get is what you see, this is me.I don’t need your sympathy.

I can’t help what you think of me.
Looking for something.
Laughing at nothing.
Dreaming of what could be.

One day I will meet my fate, complete my destiny.
No pearly gates, angel mates, waiting there for me.
Don’t ask me the reasons why I take it to the wire, I just live it fast, life’s a blast, sometimes you got to play with fire

This is me, this is me. What you get is what you see, this is me.



I'm sure, and I don't think there's anything I can add to what's already been said.
So long Richard.

or been so irritated. So long. Be lucky.




everywhere for all the kind and heartfelt messages - we are in shock and can't express feelings right now .... Just thank you





RIP to my mate Ricky....
and miss you....


RIP Rick Parfitt
.. A true gent. We'll miss you!



Hi all, thank you so much for the lovely messages you have sent me since Rick passed away. I am still in shock and can't believe he is not with us any more but I know he will be in good company up there with all the other Rock Gods that have also recently left us! RIP mate,

and my condolences go out to all your family at this sad time.

Jeff x




Well what a year it's been.. some incredible highs and incredible lows. I Still can't believe the "Wild old Man of Rock n Roll" Rick Parfitt has passed away.

Who would of taught that all them years ago when I first got into Status Quo and in particular Rick -that I would end up many years later in the band filling in for Rick while he recovered.
This year has of course been truly amazing for me while on tour with Quo and now my idol has passed away.
Hard to believe considering he only rang me a few weeks ago and we had a great chat- he was in top form and cracking jokes as always.

So many amazing memories from over the years meeting Rick and travelling to gigs,

was very privileged that he took a liking to me all them years ago and as you can see in the video he always kept an interest in my playing.

I'm very honoured to have had his blessing while stepping into Quo, he was very proud and and said to keep up the good work.

Rick I hope you are having the party of a life time up there with the rest of the legends that have passed away in 2016.
Thanks for the memories and an awesome body of work left behind.




 THE NORTH is shocked at the news of Rick Parfitt's passing.
I can think of a few people who will be eagerly awaiting his arrival though. Gonna be a wild Christmas in heaven, this year.




The tears are running down my face ....I can hardly write this fucking message.......
Wonderful memories of us writing together...and how proud I was to be able to sit next to one of my childhood heroes...and hear him say...things like "great riff that"..."oh I love that melody "...and "you're an absolutely brillant guitar player ...and I'm proud that YOU are MY buddy.".......

Swimming/chilling & sharing stories around his pool with a glass of wine...I will cherish those moments for ever.

I will miss you deeply my friend...
We wanted to meet next week to work on two songs for your solo album.....on the phone you said "I'll bounce I always do "...Sadly that wont be the case... 'cause your heavily rocked heart finally gave up...
My thoughts are now with your family...especially the twins....Love & strength Lyndsay, at this very sad time...and to Rick jnr & deepest condolences.

Well dear friend mate....
you're gone now .....but one day we're gonna finish those songs.....
Praying for you...luv you ....miss you already....
This will be a bloody sad Christmas .
....but you know what.....I'm gonna do MY album now.You always said "get those songs out there..."....
I'll do it your memory!
Rock on.W






Shocked and so sad to hear of the passing of Rick Parfitt.

Hard to find the right words...

RIP dear buddy.




Statement from PREDATÜR:
Very sad news, thank you Rick for your part in being an inspiration and continual influence for us here at Predatür. Rick Parfitt - a true legend and original. 



We have lost another legend. Our hearts go out to Ricks family and all the Quo crew at this awful time. We are honoured that we got to share the stage with Rick.

 and being an inspiration tous as a band!



Gestern, an Heiligabend, ist ein musikalischer Held meiner Jugend von uns gegangen. Rick Parfitt ist tot. Ich denke, ich habe gut und gern 20 Status Quo Konzerte gesehen....
die ersten 1980, das letzte vor ein paar Tagen, allerdings bereits ohne ihn. Ich hatte vor ein paar Jahren das Glück, ihm mal die Hand zu drücken und mir meinen Mitschnitt des Frantic Four Konzerts in London signieren zu lassen.
Er hat 2 Herzinfarkte überlebt, eine schlimme Muskelerkrankungin den 80ern gemeistert...und ist jetzt in Spanien nach einer Schulteroperation an einer Infektion gestorben, mit 68 Jahren.
....ein sehr trauriger Tag. Mach´s gut Rick, Kalle und ich werden Dich niemals vergessen....
Du warst immer unser Hero. Und wirst es immer bleiben. Deine beiden Irren aus der ersten Reihe 1981....






Such devastating news that Rick Parfitt has passed away. Our paths have crossed many times in our rock n' roll life,
and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Rick has left a musical legacy bar none that has given so much joy to everyone around the world, and will continue to do so for many years to come. My thoughts go out to his family, and heaven has just gained a little bit more boogie.
RIP my friend! Mick




Rick Parfitt, thank you for being an integral part of shaping my childhood and inspiring me to play music.

At least...RIP




Just as we were gonna wish you all a Merry Christmas we received the news of the passing of the greatest rhythm guitar player known to mankind: Sir Richard John Parfitt a.k.a. The Rhythm Machine.

Our sincere condolances go out to the Parfitt family.
Thank you Rick.
Status Quotes




We were very saddened to hear of the loss of Rick Parfitt today. We have many great memories of the times we toured together.

, we had so much fun when we went to Australia in the seventies, particularly the antics we got up to on a plane journey which nearly got us banded by the airline. It was all good fun just like Rick.

We send our love to his wife, children, Francis
and the rest of the band, may they all have strength
at this difficult time



This is for dear Rick………

I first met Rick in 1972 when Slade and Quo toured England together….we have remained great friends ever since.
We also had a fantastic tour of Australia in 1973 - us and Quo nearly getting kicked off many internal flights and having Police escorts all the time. The police were there because of our ‘childish’ behaviour!
We also did shows in America with them. Always a fantastic time with those guys.

Sometimes, we don’t see them for ages, BUT when we do……. It’s like we’ve never been apart.
I remember that me and Rick attended a Bucks Fizz concert together (both being big fans), but we promised each other we wouldn’t tell anyone in case we lost our ‘credibility’ !

Take care mate wherever you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from Don 




When Rick had his health problems recently I felt that he would come through as always but sadly the news today of his death has completely numbed me. Yet another of my contemporaries is no longer with us.

We shared an office for a short while in the early 80s and played a few shows together along the way. Quo are a British institution and the music has stood the test of time. RIP mate.




Rick Parfitt - friend, rock star, expert tea maker, rhyming slang maestro, master guitar player & songwriter. Constantly thinking outside the box,

My thoughts are with his family. RIP. Very sad day today. 





Lieber Rick,

Dein Verlust ist für uns ein großer Schmerz, dennoch möchten wir uns bei Dir bedanken, denn ohne Dich wären wir wahrscheinlich nicht zu unserer Band Dustpipe gekommen,
Du warst mit Deinem Gitarrenspiel der Auslöser.Wir werden Dich nie vergessen und immer an Dich denken.

Deine Dustpiper





 A Day life of Status Quo

Probably the last pictures of The truly magical and wonderful ultimate of ultimate playboys Rick Parfitt of Status Quo who went to heaven yesterday 
Just a few months ago he was laughing and joking driving me and my son Tom around in his super sexy Bentley and I knew I was in the presence of a real "playboy"

It's surreal !

It was not easy to set this up however when it finally
 Rick was just so so so funny he was so ordinary but so "extraordinary" and this is why it's so so so important to photograph people you love and adore in a candid style laughing and joking 
Rick said Duncan my old ticker is struggling a bit nowadays but let me tell you I have had the most amazing 50 years of rocking and rolling drinking and more its be mad mad mad and oh crikey what a wild life and god knows how but people bought 130 million of our records Rick looked up to the sky as he prayed with his hands to heaven
Almost as if he knew !!
So Rick
 thank you from the millions of people around the world you and you pal gave so much pleasure too. 
And thanks for making me that cup of tea even though it was too milky. Xxx





Rick really really was a huge guy for us, he defined what it's all about,

God rest his soul




[ Photograf ]

Thank you sir Parfitt for all the moments we shared front and backstage.

Rick and Marjolein




 [ Neben Rick ]

Although I just wanted to wish a merry x-mas to everyone I had to read the sad news that one of the nicest gentlemen that I was able to share the stage with has passed away. I will always remember swinging the Tellies on my personal Quo-favorite 'Down down' and
and memories on stage during the whole
Rock Meets Classic tour in 2015.




Britischer Musikjournalist und Autor, der unter anderem für die Magazine Sounds, Kerrang!, Raw 
und Metal Hammer geschrieben hat und nun für das Classic Rock Magazine tätig ist.

Rick the rocker finally gone. Bless his good time heart. Always a gentleman to me..

2016 geht nicht, ohne noch einen meiner Rock'n'Roll-Helden mitzunehmen: heute ist Rick Parfitt mit 68 Jahren gestorben.Der Typ, der so geile Songs wie "Whatever You Want" geschrieben hat.

Und einer, der die Kerze an beiden Enden angezündet hat. Auf jeden Fall aber auch ein äußerst freundlicher Typ, der trotz vieler Millionen verkauften Scheiben, die wohl zu den Standardwerken der Rockmusik zählen, und OBE-Würde mit be
iden Beinen auf dem Boden geblieben ist. Ruhe in Frieden, Rick Parfitt!








I was really sad to hear this news just an hour or so ago. I cannot remember a year laced with so much heartbreak and sorrow and the reality that January 1st is only a punctuation mark and not a restart bodes badly for us all as age and illness creeps up on our peers.

I'd known Rick since the 80's when StatusQuo and Marillion management shared offices in Victoria in London.We bumped into each other a lot in those days and shared many a stage together over the years. The last time I spoke to him was a couple of years ago when he phoned me up out the blue to recommend a neuro linguistic programme to stop smoking as we both had a terrible habit that we'd been trying to conquer and he knew I'd been suffering from vocal disorders. As always his wicked sense of humour had me reeling and the thought behind the call was typical of the man. 

Caring, funny and so down to earth, always fantastic company I could picture that sly smile and the twinkling eyes on the other end of the phone.

Like many people I was very aware of his ongoing health issues and imminent retirement and wondered how he would handle not being on a stage as Quo more than any other band with their never ending 'farewell tours' seemed destined to play on forever.

I remember fondly the thumbs in the waistband of denims, elbows out and head bobbing routines on school disco dance floors as a teenager and the awe of meeting him for the first time in the Quo management offices years later as a then long haired cocky singer back in the early 80's. He put me in my place immediately and I loved him for that. His wit was sharp as a razor blade and he was so fast on the comeback and the putdown always deflected with that cheeky smile. He could be a moody bastard but was always readily forgiven as the wink at the end of any wise crack indicated any hurt was never really meant.He was a genuine old school rock star who had been there and sold a million t shirts. We lost another enormous character today who will never be replaced.

My heart goes out to Francis, the band and crew, Rick's family and friends who will be crushed tonight.

RIP Rick Parfitt, I raise a glass this Christmas eve and salute you. You will be sorely missed by many.




Today is QUO'smas. We're cranking the meanest right hand in British Rock'n'Roll all day. Rock In Peace Rick!!


 erst Recht...für ihn..für Rick...alle Konzerte widmen wir Rick Parfitt 




RIP Rick Parfitt. Deepest condolences to
Rick's family, Francis Rossi, Simon Porter
and all the members of Status Quo


Midge Ure:
Dreadfully sad.
Lovely man. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Vicki Michelle:

Such sad news. Rick Parfitt was a huge talent and a truly lovely man.
A legend in the music world, he will be sorely missed. R.I.P Rick x

Bob Harris:
So now we've lost Rick Parfitt from the mighty Quo. Such sad news. #RIP

Slaughter And The Dogs
We lost another great guitarist + good guy too soon. R.I.P. Rick Parfitt from your friends Mick,Rossi &Wayne BArret + SATD




R.I.P to our old friend Rick Parfitt who sadly passed away today.We are totally shocked at this news! Our sympathies and love go to his family, friends and the rest of
Status Quo.
He will be sadly missed worldwide! God Bless!!






I'm crushed and so sad to hear that my friend and colleague Rick Parfitt ( Status Quo) has died.. He was ill for a long while but he came back strong for the Rock meets classic tour in 2014.

I loved hanging with Rick, he had a great sense of humor and was so down to earth to talk too... I lost touch with him these last couple of years but I was spiritually in his corner... he was a fighter. I knew he had some medical problems but after seeing him talking about coming back to rock the world again I'm blown away that he didn't make it. He lived and loved to bash out the A chords.. Cheers to Rick




Our condolences to the family and friends of Rick Parfitt of @Status_Quo R.I.P. Rick

So sad to hear this. Rick Parfitt Rest In Peace


R.I.P. Status Quo's Rick Parfitt.

I hung out with Rick P in the mid 80s, he showed me the rudimentary scales on the piano
which I still refer back to even now.. we almost wrote a great song together , sadly it remains & will remain unfinished
... a truly genuine & funny guy ... RIP Rick.

 Joe Elliott




RIP #rickparfitt  

So sad to hear Rick Parfitt has died... r.i.p...






Very sad news. RIP Rick Parfitt.
Condolences to his family




R.I.P Rick Parfitt. . Love Status Quo. My thoughts are with Francis and band and Rick's family.


Status Quo's Rick Parfitt dies.
Thoughts go out to his family
and friends.





RIP you lovely man Rick Parfitt!

One of rocks great characters you will be missed!


Status Quo opening Live Aid.
Love Jules xxx






Very shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of our friend Rick Parfitt. RIP Rick. 

RIP Rick Parfitt from the Quo sad to hear he passed
on this Xmas eve...





Scott Gorham: "Can't believe what a terrible year this is. I thought it was over until about an hour ago when yet another friend of mine has been taken.

RIP mate...Our thoughts go out to Rick's family and Friends, Francis and all bandmembers of Quo, their crew and Management camp.




Despite never having the opportunity to meet Rick in person, we very much feel like part of the Quo family and we're absolutely devastated


So sorry to hear about Rick. My Thoughts & Prayers To His Family, Friends & Fans..


Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt passed away on Thursday. We played lots of shows with them over the years. Rick was a good guy




Among the first 'big' gigs I went to as a teenager was Status Quo, at Coventry Theatre in December 1974. They were brilliant; I had all their early albums (still got the vinyl!) and they took the roof off that night. Many years later I got to share the bill with them on 3 occasions, in Belgium, Switzerland and Wales. Really saddened by today's news....
Rick Parfitt was a hugely under-rated guitar player in my opinion, with a

and he wrote some great songs too....RIP Mr.Rick Parfitt.....
Steve Walwyn (right in the picture)




Sad Christmas news about Rick Parfitt.




Really sad to hear of Rick Parfitt's passing

RIP Rick




RIP Rick

R.I.P. Rick Parfitt...

and such an sweet and kind person
...i will miss you!!!!

We opened for status quo on their European tour in 2007. Rick gave me the big Union Jack sticker that I put on my blue tele, I still have it! Too many going this year. Rip Rick.



Very sad to hear about Rick Parfitt of Status Quo passing away today, a day that should be spent full of joy.

Wishing much strength to his family. Rest in peace, Rick!



Very sad news at the end of 2016 ....
we've shared the Stage with Status Quo last year in Barcelona ....

RIP Rick Parfitt

Wow, just found out Rick Parfitt passed away he was with a band from the UK called Status Quo we played many shows with them over a 20 year period , My prayers go out to his Family , all my friends in his band. 



Ian Gillan hat dieses Bild gepostet. Bilder sagen manchmal mehr als Worte.
(Ian Gillan posted this photo. Pictures say sometimes more than words)



Once upon a time a played with a band, and we were lucky enough to support the Mighty Status Quo...
Fantastic player, Icon,

Now gone. Missed by millions.




r.i.p. rick parfitt, it was an honour to have met you,
we made a great record together

the video set... i will miss you! rick


of Status Quo. Sad. What a great band. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Sad to hear that Rick Parfitt has died, my condolences to his family 



Please God , don't take so many friends from us in 2017.'s made 2016 so sad. RIP Ricky 



I am truly shattered to have this news. We all honestly felt that he was getting strong again.
Rick was the ultimate rock and roller. He lived and died as he wanted to...



Thinking back to my early-teens, buying a denim waistcoat. Because: The Quo
I got ride of the denim waiscoat but i`ll be



We knew it would happen at some point. It does with everybody obviously,
but Rick was almost invincible. He believed he was invincible. And this is just absolutely unbelievable


R.I.P. Rick




Tony Blackburn:
So sad to hear of the death of Rick Parfitt.

David Knopfler
Saddened to hear that Rick Parfitt has died. Great guitarist and an all round likeable chap 

Carol Decker ‏(t'pau):
Rick Parfitt died on Xmas eve wha ta shocking year for celeb deaths

Damon Hill:
Oh no!

On behalf of Coles management and our 100,000 team members we extend our deepest sympathies to Rick's family and his Status Quo family. He will be greatly missed.

Stuart St Paul:
Tragic Christmas. Rick at last fails to outrun the reaper who has been chasing him for some time along with numerous other fans, then George. I remember being in the tanning salon with him daily when I was prepping for a job back in the 1980's... time flies, and angles take them.



We are absolutely gutted to hear the news that Status Quo Guitarist Rick Parfitt has died.
We have been very fortunate enough to have played with Rick on numerous occasions and even luckier enough to have met the man himself.
Rick took the time to chat, watch our sound-checks, our actual sets and told us that he really liked our music, style and energy.

He was a true gentleman and had a great sense of humour -
We'll always remember that just before going on to play Burghley House to our biggest crowd of 12,000 people, his advice to us was simply "Don't Do It".
Our thoughts go out to his family who couldn't have lost him at a more special time.
R.I.P Rick x




Status Quo - Blue For You
I still live in hope of making an album this good.
RIP Rick 

Awful news. A genuinely lovely man.
Thoughts go out to Rick Jr and family

Totally floored & extremely sad to have lost #RickParfitt. He was a very funny man & fantastic fun to hang out with.
Love you Ricky!



BBritischer Musical- und Filmmusiktexter

So sad that Rick Parfitt has left the stage.

Quo Vadis? Thanks for nearly 50 years of chords and fun. 



That's very sad. He was a super nice man. Had a very good time working with him.
Many nice conversations 

Absolutely gutted to hear the death of Rick Parfitt -lucky I became very good friends with him on @BulaQuo:
A lovely, lovely, funny man RIPX


Weihnachten 2016 hat gerade an Glanz verloren

Rock in Peace, Rick! 

[ Christmas 2016 has just lost his glory. Thanks for unforgettable cult songs, sensational shows and many unique moments - Rock in Peace, Rick! ]






Rest in peace, Status Quo's Rick Parfitt. 

Heute hat sich einer der liebsten, langjährigsten und größten Freunde unseres Labels in den Rock 'n' Roll Himmel aufgemacht.

und wünschen Rick eine gute Reise nach oben.

R.I.P. Rick Parfitt 

Today, one of the dearest, longtime and greatest friends of  our label on the way to the rock 'n' roll sky. We are very very sad and wish Rick a good trip up ]


Very sad to hear of the passing of Rick Parfitt OBE today 



Nordoff Robbins were incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Rick Parfitt over Christmas.
Rick, alongside Francis Rossi, was a patron of Nordoff Robbins and a big supporter of our work.
We were lucky enough to know Rick well and he spent time getting to know our work and the people we helped and he was a regular visitor to our events and our HQ to see our music therapy first hand.



 Another legend has left us. Rest in peace Rick Parfitt of Status Quo

Thank you Mr. Parfitt for 20 memorable concerts at our stadion. R.I.P 


So sad to hear about the passing of Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt - an absolute legend that we're honoured to have had on our stage.

We are so sad to hear that rock legend and long-time friend of LickLibrary; Rick Parfitt has died  

RIP Rick Parfitt 
RIP Rick Parfitt  


Rest in peace Rick Parfitt. Thanks for all the good times. 




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